PS2 Character Wiki FAQ

The following is a list of frequently asked questions about the PlanetSide 2 Chracter Wiki.

How do I create my character page?

To create a character page, you click on the "Contribute" button in the top-right of the website. A dropdown menu will appear, from which you can perform numerous actions on the wiki. To create a new character page, click the "Add a Page" button from the dropdown menu, name your page after your PlanetSide 2 character, then begin creating your story! Remember that if you are creating a character page for the PlayStation 4, type "(PS4)" after your character's name.

How do I create a page for my outfit?

To create an outfit page, follow the procedures above and click on the "Add a Page" button in the dropdown menu of the "Contribute" tab. When you name your outfit page, please add "Category:" in front of the name of your outfit, with no space between the colon and your outfit name. This turns the new page into a category page, which can be used to keep track of everyone in your outfit in an organized way. This does not change the way your outfit page can be edited, so you can still edit your outfit page as if it was a normal article. Remember that if you are creating an outfit page for the PlayStation 4, type "(PS4)" after your outfit's name.

I do not have a Wikia account. Can I still create a character page or outfit page?

Absolutely! Anyone from anywhere in the world can read, see, edit, and even create pages, regardless of whether or not they have a Wikia account. It should be noted, however, that if you do not have a Wikia account, your ip will be recorded with every single edit you make, so it is recommended that you create an account. It is absolutely free and requires a username, password, e-mail, and birthday to join. That's it!

Why does this wiki have a Code of Conduct?

In accordance with Wikia's Community Guidelines, our wiki's Code of Conduct is meant to help enforce Wikia's policies, as well as preventing spam, vandalism, trolling, or bullying of any kind. Because this wiki can be accessed by anyone on the internet, regardless of their age, this wiki is family friendly and does not promote the use of alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, or bullying. All users of our wiki are agreeing, whether they read it or not, to our Code of Conduct, and can have their editing privileges taken away should they violate this code.

Is the PlanetSide 2 Character Wiki connected to DayBreak Games Company or anyone at DGC?

No. We are not affiliated with DGC in any way. We are a community run website and hope to give players the opportunity to create a great PlanetSide 2 story around their character(s) and outfits!

If you have any additional questions regarding this wiki, please create a discussion on this board and either the community or an Administrator will attempt to answer your question. Happy editing!