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New Conglomerate

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73rd Combined Arms Battalion Edit

The 73rd Combined Arms Battalion (73CA) is a New Conglomerate aligned irregular military force comprised largely of converted Terran Republic soldiers. The battalion is known for its ability to mount and dismount armor quickly in order to have a profound impact on the battlefield. Despite this, the group is often accused of being a cult of personality surrounding its leader, Olexi, on account of the fact that many of the soldiers within the unit defected simply to join him after hearing of his exploits and don't care for the Conglomerate's ideals. Whether this is the truth or is simply prejudice from unwelcoming Conglomerate troops is unknown.

Creation Edit

The creation of the 73rd was a response to rising tensions between mainstream Conglomerate forces and recently converted Terran troops. NC command saw this tension and immediately planned to separate the men in order to avoid an internal conflict. When looking for a leader for the force NC commanders took notice of martial pacifist medic, Olexi Petrov. Since Olexi had spent a considerable amount of time with the Conglomerate and had distinguished himself in the field for his ability to keep large forces of troops moving even after sustaining heavy injuries, the committee overseeing the outfit's creation saw it fit to allow Olexi to lead his freshly converted Terrain allies in battle. Olexi's aversion to mindless violence reassured the committee that he would quell any uprising and keep his men in check. Shortly after the outfit's creation, its men began to call themselves "The Marauders", referring to the mutiny like shift in power between Olexi and his previous Terran commander. Olexi is not fond of the name as he has said it is not how he wishes to be remembered.